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CAT5e – Also known as a category 5 enhanced ethernet cable is a current industry standard characterised by the Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry (also known as EIA/TIA) for network and telephone wiring. CAT5 is the fifth version in twisted ethernet technology and the most popular telephone system used around the world today. Cat5 cabling is usually used for networks and phone systems, but can also be used for many other purposes. For data cabling in Leicestershire, Coalville and the local region, look no further than GCS Communications.

Cat5e Cabling, Leicestershire & Coalville

Inside Category-5e cabling are four pairs of wire, usually made of copper and they terminate in RJ-45 jack. Cat-5 or Cat5e is usually printed on the outer shielding. Cat5 cabling can contain ethernet speeds of up to 100mbps and Cat5e cabling can run to speeds of 1000mbps in short distance. Both can run to a maximum length of 100m (328ft). The outer shield can be found in many colours however the most popular is blue. The twisted copper wires are also in plastic and can be found with a standard colour scheme, orange, blue, green, and brown twisted around white striped wires. The wires are twisted so that interference and cross talk are reduced, these are left twisted throughout the whole wire, except for the termination point.

Supplying cabling in Coalville, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas is one of our specialities, so trust our team with all of your cabling needs.

Other kinds of Cat5e cabling

The cabling comes in 2 main varieties, solid and stranded. Solid is usually used for longer lengths of data cabling and suits cabling solutions such as office buildings. However the stranded cable is best for shorter moveable cabling. There are newer cables such as Cat6 and Cat7 cabling, however Cat5 remains the most popular for a number of local area networks (LANS) as it is affordable and supports high speeds of data.

Secure data cabling

Cat6 Cabling at GCS Communications

Information on Cat6 cabling

Cat6 is also an ethernet cable, but is the 6th generation of twisted ethernet cabling. Cat6 is similar to Cat5 as it has four pairs of copper wires but unlike Cat5, it uses all of them for better results. It can reach ethernet speeds of up to 1 gig per second, and can support information nearly twice the speed of a Cat5 cable.

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